PTS & Chronic Disease

Post Traumatic Stress and Chronic Disease are seen as social ills where the major risk factors are: unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, stress, or tobacco use. The global medical scientific community doesn’t see PTS or Chronic Disease as being infectious or a pandemic, so no resources are being used to eliminate or resolve them. Yet, both of them pose a far greater problem for humanity and medical science than do any infectious diseases. If the major risk factors for chronic disease were eliminated, at least 80% of heart disease, stroke and type two diabetes would be prevented; and 40% of all cancers would be eliminated.

Post Traumatic Stress and Chronic Disease are on a parallel path and are inseparable. You can’t treat one without treating the other. The combination of these two presents a health crisis that is not easily dealt with at a local, national, or global level.  Continue reading 
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PTS & Fire Responders

Are you a first responder, who is a: fireman, law enforcement officer, paramedic, medical personnel, emergency worker, aid/disaster relief worker, humanitarian worker, or peace keeper? You have had to endure countless tragic events while caring for the victims of: genocide, rape, assault & robbery, natural disasters, kidnapping, armed aggression, gang violence, terrorist attacks, vehicle accidents, or violence against children. You may not have experienced the terrible event first hand, but you have had to deal with the emotional shock to your mind and body.
Are you struggling with Post Traumatic Stress symptoms of  Continue reading 
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Rape & Women

Rape and physical assault or violence against women has become a national and global crisis. In the United State alone there are 95,136 rapes reported annually. The actual rapes and acts of violence against women are over 280,000 annually. The facts are that 13 out of 20 women and girls are sexually assaulted annually and the numbers are growing. This atrocity against women and girls has created an erosion of our social fabric that divides us rather than unites us as a society. “We are the only animal on the planet that repeatedly abuses and sexually assaults the smaller and weaker of the species for fun or sport.”

Over 1,000 young American female Peace Corps volunteers were raped or sexually assaulted over a ten year period in foreign countries. The Peace Corps and the US government knowingly placed them in a hostile environment and jeopardized their welfare and safety.

Why is that? Why aren’t the assaults being reported?  Continue reading 

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Homeless Veterans

The Veterans Administration (VA) estimates that there are over 120,000 men and over 6,500 women veterans that are homeless and sleeping on our streets across America. Over 4 million military personnel have served in the Vietnam War and the Gulf War and are currently serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. The veterans only want to receive the respect they earn defending our freedom and the freedom of other people who only want to live in peace among the cultural and religious diversity in their country.
Too many veterans have come home with Post Traumatic Stress to find that they don’t fit into a nation or community prepared to provide affordable housing, livable income, and access to health care for physical, mental, or emotional trauma.  Continue reading 
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